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Chronic Lyme

My Letter to Sneak Preview regarding those who criticized the screening of Vaxxed- It’s not censorship. It’s not trivial.

7/2016 My letter to the Editor of a local community paper, The Sneak Preview  (links will be added soon) Vaccines are Important to Society Matt Hegarty’s News Brief, “Is there a Censorship Vaccination?,” undeservedly chastised those critical of the screening of … Continue reading

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John Oliver slams science communication (and not just the media)

THANK YOU JOHN OLIVER! (see video below) Looking at the PREPONDERANCE of the BEST evidence, at the consensus of experts’ conclusions (which in my layperson’s case means looking at what the experts who do this kind of analysis are saying) is how … Continue reading

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Chronic Lyme Disease – Another Negative Study, article by Dr. Novella

Interested in so-called “Chronic Lyme Disease?” I recommend reading Dr. Steven Novella’s April 6, 2016, post on Science Based Medicine blog called Chronic Lyme Disease – Another Negative Study. Here’s the first paragraph: While Lyme disease itself is a real and … Continue reading

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