John Oliver slams science communication (and not just the media)

THANK YOU JOHN OLIVER! (see video below)

Looking at the PREPONDERANCE of the BEST evidence, at the consensus of experts’ conclusions (which in my layperson’s case means looking at what the experts who do this kind of analysis are saying) is how I came to believe the following: human-caused climate change is a real thing; vaccines do not cause autism and are far far more beneficial than risky; glyphosate (“Round Up”) is one of the safest herbicides around even when compared to “natural” ones; gluten is not something most need to worry about (except for those with Celiacs; then avoid, for sure); MSG is just fine if not preferable (for most); GMO products are as safe to use/eat as non-GMO and can offer incredible advantages (think rennet in cheese and insulin, to start); homeopathy is a total scam on the public; products using radio waves/microwaves, as regulated, are not harmful; long-term antibiotics and/or “alternative” treatments for so-called “Chronic Lyme Disease are dubious at best,” and “Lyme Literate” doctors are anything but;  and on and on.

Of course, solid evidence could change any of these views. After all, that is the point of scientific discovery — to get closer and closer to the truth of the matter.



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